We specifically working on child rights by addressing their needs and providing them with nutrition, education and protection.
Presently we are providing 40% support to 100 above Children of 2 orphanage homes for their basic needs in Hyderabad, Telangana.

In India, we work relentlessly to ensure that children grow up in a healthy environment and enjoy a happy childhood.
From the past two years, 15 above underprivileged Children lives have been saved from health emergencies with our financial support.
We strive hard for children’ health and nutrition to control the death rate due to lack of primary health care, infections and Malnutrition.

Literacy, being a prominent factor in developing a country, improve sour economy and society by shaping the personal growth and cultural development. With the aim of increasing the literacy rate, we aimed to provide full-fledged support to the underprivileged children by nurturing their environment in healthy way.
The programs include :
Gift a School Kit in 2018 (400 Kits)
Gift a School Kit in 2019(1000) Kits
Exam Pads for 500 above children
10th Class Study Materials

India’s tribal population is generally at risk of malnutrition, poverty, illiteracy and poor hygiene and health practices. Lack of access to health care, poor communication, traditional beliefs and customs aggravate the situation.
We started this “Drive for Change”in order to improve health care, Nutrition & Education in India.

India is a home to different religions, traditions, and customs. We celebrate happiness, love and care by valuing our traditions and culture with our families. But there will be no one to share these values and traditions with orphans and unprivileged children.Our team celebrates all festivals with orphan children in Orphanage home to bring joy and happiness on their little faces. We ensure them that we value their smiles.

Diwali Celebrations with 1000 above Orphan children with Diwali gift kits (1000 Cracker packets & Sweets) in 15 orphanage homes at Hyderabad in 2018.
Christmas & New Year Celebrations (Chikki Packets distribution) with 1000 above Cancer & HIV affected children.
Diwali festival celebrations with 2800 above Orphan children in 52 orphan homes in Telugu speaking states and distributed 2800 Diwali Gift kits (Crackers, Apple &Laddu).

Volunteering is not a choice, but a responsibility.
We volunteered for various programs organized by the State Government and other Organizations. We just not serve the needy in a program, but maintain the harmony with sole responsibility to make the program successful.
There are many heartwarming testimonies of the beloved ones who came forward to be a Volunteer and experienced the visual change.

It’s been 60 years that the World War II ended, but the negative consequences arising continuously in various forms such as child labor, lack of primary health care and hygiene, no provision of basic human rights.
The World is in need of the Voice to support the needy. Our PHC is one among many with supportive Voice and initiated many awareness campaigns.

With a team of 10 members, Bike Yatrawas held in Telangana State (2589 KM) against Child Labour.
Autism awareness campaigns
Menstrual Hygiene campaigns
Blood Donation campaigns

Our Village Our Responsibility is to serve and strengthen the villages with the certain development activities like women empowerment, Nutrition & Health for Women & Child, education, Sanitation, and digital learning ability. We aimed to encourage the distant remote areas in a better way to get its basic rights for living

We adopted a Hamlet village “Pittalagudem” to serve them with the basic entitlements.

To control the uterus related problems like Fibroids, Cancer, Infection and Hormonal imbalance, we are providing Eco pads which are sustainable for longer period, reusable, no-plastic, easily bio-degradable and very useful to the women of distant remote areas.

Our PHC’s Giving Smiles is to celebrate the Birthdays of underprivileged children and orphans. We took this initiative to capture their favorite moment in order to bring the precious smiles on their faces every year.