Sameera (14) from Kadapa was affected with a kidney infection, Fits, viral fever, brain pressure,high Blood Pressure and admitted in the Simhapuri Hospital. Fortunately, they came to know about PHC from Kausar’s (Earlier case) and contacted our team. We verified the case details and consulted the Doctor and got to know that the child is in Critical Condition.

As the family is not able to afford the family expenses, we helped them by clearing their bills (8000/- Rupees) of child. Then, she got discharged and we’ve taken care of her health and still we do get her health updates on daily basis. It gives immense joy to know the child returning happily back to home with good health.

We came to know about Kauser (5) from Nellore and her health condition through Facebook. She was suffering from respiratory trachea problem and unable to breathe in normally. We got into contact with her family and Doctor suggested ventilation and Inotropic support for the child. As they are economically backward family, we put our efforts in raising funds (Rs.27,000) and made it possible. Surprisingly, and the child was recovered completely and discharged in 3 days after our involvement. We are still in contact with them and happy to know about their whereabouts and good health condition.